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Construction planning

A clear need has been identified for the visualisation of construction schedules for all partners of a construction project. Subcontractors and material suppliers need to have an easy to use application for accessing the latest schedule and for visualising it based on building 3D geometric data.

Visual Product Chronology (VPC) provides a dynamic, real-time link between VR software, the building schedule and an IFC compliant 3D model of the building over the Internet.

VPC is based on software that can be used locally (geographically dispersed) for accessing schedule data and geometric building model data located on a remote server. The local application requires a standard web-browser and user programmes for server access and data transfer.

Main operations:
Users interact with the environment by linking 3D building components with schedule items to construct a 4D building process model, which allows:

The interactive visualisation of the construction sequence and its data as it is being carried out over time.

Alternative construction sequence studies.

Feedback for the stakeholders on the planned construction process

Identification of conflicts: Numerical and graphical representation of time and spatial conflicts. Classification of conflicts into different categories/levels of risk.

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