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Construction site analysis

The site planning and analysis application comprises the following components: Site space analysis, Path analysis, Hazard zone definition, and Site layout optimisation.
Space analysis enables the user to classify the various spaces on the construction site according to their relative importance in terms of visibility and accessibility. A visibility analysis prototype has been developed that identifies spaces on a construction site with higher degrees of visibility and accessibility.

Hazard definition enables the graphical representation of risks/hazards zones surrounding various spaces in a construction site such as vehicles and cranes.
Path analysis allows the user to generate paths for operatives/logistics according to distance and safety related criteria. The path computed is based on minimising the transportation cost, and whilst maximising visibility and safety.

Site layout optimisation takes spatial, safety and other site layout related information, and produces enhanced site layout in which temporary facilities are located such that travelling distance and interaction with hazard zones is minimised.

Reported by

University of Salford
Centre for Virtual Environments, University of Salford
Salford, Manchester
United Kingdom
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