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Geometry multiresolution module

The DIVERCITY Geometry Multiresolution Module (GMM) enables the DIVERCITY Lighting Application to speed up the computation of complex surface shapes in applications comprising highly tessellated models, using data such as that from 3D-CAD.

GMM provides a variable accuracy interface to highly tessellated models. With this module, the core memory and time required to answer a geometric query are functions of the prescribed accuracy of the result, and not of the initial model tessellation. Simulations using this code therefore scale well when used with complex models. In particular, lighting simulation complexity is sub-linear in the number of input triangles.

The work carried out within DIVERCITY multiresolution module task led to the following results:
- Definition of algorithms and data structures for multiresolution handling of large tessellated models

- Creation of a multi-platform software library that supports face-clustering and vector radiosity. The library has been implemented in C++ and runs on Linux, Silicon Graphics IRIX, and Win32 platforms

- Definition of a higher order extension of the face cluster radiosity technique.

- Definition of a technique for quickly rendering vector radiosity solutions using OpenGL register combiners extension;

To our knowledge, no commercial system currently specifically addresses large tessellated models.

The contribution given by the multiresolution module developed at CRS4 is thus a potential advantage over possible competitors.

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