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Client briefing

Research has shown that the client briefing stage of the project lifecycle is vitally important to get right as it has a dramatic effect on the whole of the construction lifecycle. However, clients and potential users of the building often find it difficult to portray their requirements for a new facility to the design team. DIVERCITY aims to ease this difficulty by developing a virtual design workspace that enables clients, users and the design team to communicate their ideas to each other in a more understandable format.

The workspace contains a set of tools that allow the development of a graphical building program, describing the semantics of the proposed building. This model allows the client and designer to consider the spatial needs and relationships and define them in a manner that makes them more accessible to the later stages in the design process. From the structured building program spatial layouts are developed.

These represent conceptual sketches of the building form, developed in a 3D-modelling environment. Because these models are developed from the building program, analysis of the matching between clients' requirements and the conceptual design is possible, providing designers with quantitative measures that aid in refining the initial design.

Once the layout has sufficient detail the user is able to export the 'space layout' file to a CAD application to enable the design to be taken further. DIVERCITY does not intend to develop a new CAD system so having the ability to 'export' the files between the client briefing application and the CAD packages using the IFC format was seen as a new way if allowing the CAD applications to be integrated into the DIVERCITY system.

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