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Result map and decision support system

The main aim of this part of the project was to describe a decision support system methodology, which was built on a rigorous land classification methodology and suitability assessment of agricultural areas for biomass production. The task was executed by developing a desktop GIS application, taking into account all available economic and environmental data.

The sample area can be found in Hungary, representing 2481 km{2}, which constitutes about 2,7% of the total area of Hungary. It is a transitional zone from the North Hungarian hilly region to the plain Danube-Tisza Interfluve. The biggest town of the area is Hatvan with some 24 700 inhabitants.

Land classification was developed in the ArcGIS 8.2 ( environment using ArcView and its Spatial Analyst extension, the geographic datum is WGS84, and the projection system is UTM N34. GIS vector layers are in geo-referenced ArcView shape format, the grid layers are in geo-referenced ESRI grid format, and the images are in geo-referenced tif format. The calculation of the most suitable areas was built on ESRI grids, pixel size was 1 hectare, namely 100 x 100 meters.

Based on our investigation, as a rule of thumb, it can be stated that the most suitable areas are located at valleys’ bottoms, along the roads and on low-quality lands.

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