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Characterisation data of secondary fuels and their blends with coal

The reference secondary fuels that were examined during the round robin test were wood pellets, paper sludge and waste wood. Their behaviour in the devolatilisation and char oxidation stages was investigated either alone or in combination with coal. The kinetics of biomass and biomass/coal blends for both stages were determined in a relatively simple and straightforward manner, through the thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and based on multi-parallel reaction models. Knowledge of this information provides useful data for the combustion process control.

Among the main conclusions was that biomass addition in the fuel blend increases the devolatilisation rate and the char reactivity. The behaviour during pyrolysis and char oxidation of waste materials with high ash and moisture content, such as paper sludge, was significantly different. Future research activities should focus on the combustion behaviour of other waste species and the mineral matter effect on the process evolution.

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National Technical University of Athens
15780 Athens
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