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Determination of solid fuel particle size and shape distribution for CFD studies

A new method has been developed to determine the particle size and shape distribution (PSSD) of milled mixtures of coal and biomass. The outcome of the method (measured PSSD) can be utilised to evaluate grindability of heterogeneous fuel blends, or as input for Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) calculation of particle trajectories and combustion. The latter is specifically desired to describe the deviating behaviour of large, non-isotropic biomass particles, and the influence thereof on e.g. furnace heat distribution.

A special sample preparation procedure was developed to be able to use the sample with an optical microscope; particle recognition software has been applied to determine the particle size distribution and particle morphology (shape factor). The method is useful to obtain data on the size and shape properties of especially the larger size fractions, which is where biomass fuel particles are expected to differ mostly from pulverised coal particles.

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