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Project ID: ENK5-CT-1999-00004
Financiado con arreglo a: FP5-EESD
País: Netherlands

Small scale coal-secondary fuels grinding service

The IFRF Pilot Scale solid fuel milling facility was used to mill a number of raw coals and biofuel blends to a typical industrial particle size specification.

The results indicate that there are no major problems with milling coal in this facility or similar industrial scale mills up to secondary fuel additions of 10% by weight. It was found that mill settings needed to be modified from those used for raw coal in order to deliver the same size distribution when milling blends.

Data on a small number of coals and blends is available to BioFlam partners and IFRF Members.

As a result of the BioFlam work, the IFRF solid fuel milling facility is now able to offer a grinding service for coals and coal secondary fuel blends to meet the particle size requirements of potential clients in laboratory and pilot scale quantities.

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