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Web based BioFlam dissemination service

Work package 4 of the BioFlam project includes the establishment of a web based dissemination system for the BioFlam Results.

The IFRF Research Station BV has commissioned the IFRF Communications Centre to set up a group of BioFlam web pages within its existing web site ( These pages are accessible through the main IFRF home page, or directly via the URL

The BioFlam home page is visible to the general public, including a general description of the project and the titles of reports and publications linked to it. Access to the content of the reports is currently limited to BioFlam partners only. A process of wider dissemination will be rolled out commencing with publication of the IFRF Research Station reports to the IFRF Members throughout the EU and the RoW who co-sponsored the IFRF RS work. At a later phase, additional reports will be opened up to IFRF Members, and in timescales to be agreed by the partners, to the EU and then the world Power Generation community.

The IFRF Communication Centre will also look into the processing of the project's Excel based fuel-properties data-sheets into a searchable on-line database using the existing facility of the IFRF's on-line Combustion Handbook. Although the existence of this data will be visible to the public, access to the downloadable Excel files will initially by confined to the BioFlam Partners, with a broader roll-out of accessibility to IFRF Members and the EU/World Power Generation sector to follow that of the corresponding reports on the BioFlam web site.

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