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Ash analysis for coal/secondary fuel blends

Fuels which were ground separately and together with coal at different shares were ashed at 815°C, 550°C and analysed towards water, volatile, CHNS, Cl and ash components by XRF (550°C ash and 815°C ash). Analysis of the ash fusion behaviour (AFT) was done. The influence of the ashing temperatures, comparing the ash composition and ash fusion behaviour and also the connection of the fuel composition with the ash fusion characteristics is evaluated.

To investigate the impact of the ashing conditions the pure fuels brown coal, paper sludge, mushroom substrate and cacao shells were ashed in a low temperature plasma asher (LTA). This ash and the ashes produced at 550°C and 815°C were analysed by XRF and XRD.

Co-combustion tests at an electrical heated drop tube (BTS) and a 0.5MWth pulverised fuel facility were performed. Combustion and emission behaviour was monitored. Fly ashes of different size fractions and deposits on cooled and un-cooled probes were taken and analysed by TGA, CHNS, XRF, ash fusion and SEM-EDX.

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