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Review of cogeneration plants fuelled with solid biomass

The BioCogen partners provided details of a number of plants via the completion of a questionnaire. These were combined with information in an existing database (developed by the University of Graz). The sample size is 122. The sample is quite comprehensive for Germany and Austria but less complete or short of data for some other countries. Compiling this type of data is a difficult task, because information sources are numerous, with different languages, protocols etc.

The report provides a quantitative analysis of the plants, using graphs to present aspects such as:
- Construction year;
- Technologies;
- Installed capacities (electricity/thermal/ratio of electricity to thermal);
- Fuels;
- Specific investment costs;
- The nature of plants (i.e. commercial, demonstration etc).

The report is a unique up-to-date reference document that provides insights into the nature and costs of biomass CHP in Europe. Data on these aspects is very scarce so BioCogen makes a useful contribution.

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