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Strategic marketing plan for biomass cogeneration in Europe

The plan includes:
- Consideration of benefits and European policy imperatives.

- Future prospects of biomass cogeneration in Europe: Customers; Competitors;
Major external influences (political, legal & regulatory, economic, social, technical).

The above assimilated into a Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats analysis.
- Most promising market segments for growing the installed capacity of biomass cogeneration, by country.

- Competitive advantages and some key observations and trends in target markets

- Bullet point list of key recommendations

The paper is intended primarily for the European Commission. It should also help guide other stakeholders with perspectives and remits for the biomass cogeneration industry, particularly trade associations. The paper offers a common basis for European Commission and other stakeholder’s support for and activities with the biomass cogeneration industry.

The overall stated objective for the BioCogen network stated in Annex 1 “Technical Description of Work” to the EC contract was:
“To provide technical and economic data and deal with the key issues in the implementation of biomass CHP in Europe, aiming to facilitate the aim of 26mtoe biomass CHP installations to be reached by 2010”.

It was further stated that this would be reached through:
- A review of the national and international activities on biomass CHP (RTD projects, biomass and cogeneration networks, IEA);

- A market analysis on biomass CHP (based on biomass potential in relation to the energy market) in the EU and participating Eastern European countries;

- The provision of information (through country surveys based on uniform questionnaires) on the current situation on biomass CHP in the EU and the participating Eastern European countries;

- The identification of differences between countries or regions within the same country concerning cost efficiencies and environmental performance in comparison to the targets set by the EU;

- The determination of the factors, which foster or hinder biomass CHP;

- The identification of ‘flagship’ projects;

- The dissemination of the results through education and training activities as well as through the development of a web site on biomass.

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