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RISKGOV Résumé de rapport

Project ID: FIKR-CT-2001-00168
Financé au titre de: FP5-EAECTP C
Pays: France

Self-assessment tool on the quality of risk governance processes

The self-evaluation tool is in essence a first attempt to operationalise the framework, albeit in a modest way. It is designed to allow those designing or involved in a risk governance process to assess its quality. For those initiating such a process the benefit will hopefully be that it will allow them to determine whether it is functioning effectively and efficiently and also to foresee problems that might jeopardise its continuation. For those involved as other stakeholders in such a process the hope is that it will provide them with some standard, as it were, against which to judge its adequacy and upon which to base claims for improvements.

Furthermore, because the criteria included in it are directly related to the elements of the framework of risk governance emerging from the RISKGOV project, feedback from stakeholders should also allow us to test, amend and refine the framework itself.

The criteria and questions listed in the tool should not be regarded as definitive. Some criteria may be more or less important in different contexts. Other criteria and questions may appear relevant in some circumstances. As a consequence, this self-evaluation tool should not be regarded as a box-ticking exercise, but rather as an opportunity to reflect on the extent to which a risk governance process is well adapted to the problems it has been established to respond to, to identify how it achieves that aim and how it might be improved.

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