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Single cylinder engine for combustion tests and spray rig

The result is the build up of:
- 1 single-cylinder for combustion studies;
- 1 test rig for studies on spray formation.

The preparation of devices has been completed by the build up of tests methodologies.

Above hardware and methodologies have been utilized for parametric studies on combustion and on spray behaviour.

Various visualization devices, based on advanced techniques, have been used.

Dedicated adaptations and tunings did produce an increase of possibilities and know-how in the field of combustion studies, spray investigations and high-speed phenomenological detection.

During the project activities, the methodologies have been exploited, validated and improved.

The results, continuously coming from tests, have been provided to partners, analysed in an interactive way, integrated with additional tests in order to build up a scientific base for the final developments on the multi-cylinder.

The hardware could be used by the owner for further studies and researches in other projects and activities for additional know-how increase.

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