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Mathematical models and numerical results

The results are the build up of mathematical models for simulation of:
- Fuel injection in cold high-pressure non-reacting environments for the investigation of spray structure.

- Fuel injection, mixture formation, ignition and combustion in heavy duty Diesel truck engines.

- Phenomenological zero-dimensional thermodynamic models for the prediction of soot and NOx formation.

The models had a first step validation based on tests result on base engine or similar. Following validations have been done based on results coming from experimental activities done with the specific items of the Project.

Numerical data are related to tests done as per result 3 and applied in the tests as per result 4.

Interactive data exchanges between Partners did allow validations and models improvement from one side and a more complete and scientific data analysis from the other side.

The results do represent progress in the computation of the interested phenomena. Attention has been paid also to the computing time with the effort to reduce it drastically.

The interest of such reduction open future ways for in real time calculations with possible integrations into the control strategies.

Models can be applied by the owner for further studies and know-how increase.

Reported by

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
Clausiusstrasse 33 ETH Zentrum CLT B LVV/IET
8092 Zürich
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