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The correlation between one-day rapid test and germination index

The correlation between one-day rapid test (chitted grain at 24 h) and Germination Index (3-day test) was stated in using an image analyser.

Production of high quality malt requires that the barley have a fast, completely and uniformly germination. Therefore, it is of great importance that good methods for the rapid assessment of germination are available. All the current germination tests are manual and KVL has been working with the development of new tests with which the level and the uniformity of germinated seeds can be automatically determined.

Measuring biophotons with a photomultiplier has been experimented on raw barley samples, but no correlation to reference values was observed.

So, KVL has carried out a work with an image analyser to determine germination level and characteristics automatically. The results obtained on a limited number of malting barley samples are promising and a pre-development study was undertaken in order to produce sufficient data to feed the database on malting barley germination required for the adaptation of the existing prototype for grain image analysis to malting barley germination determination.

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