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Impact of fumigation by phosphine gas on the quality criteria of malt and beer

The absence of a significant impact of fumigation by phosphine gas, especially in extreme conditions of stored-grain temperature (10°C and 35°C), on the quality criteria of malt and beer during the whole processes of malting and brewing, was stated.

The lethal exposure for complete control of various insect and mites pests of malting barley either with controlled atmosphere or phosphine fumigant were assessed. The experimental trials were carried out for the temperature range between 10 and 30°C on different varieties of malting barley from the 1998 and 1999 harvests.

Even with high carbon dioxide exposures, controlled atmosphere disinfestation did not affect neither the quality criteria nor the viability level of malting barley.

With phosphine fumigation during one week at 2 g/m3 PH3, neither germination nor the malting did not reveal any significant decay in quality compared to unfumigated samples.

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