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Prototype of a device for detection and automatic identification of insect infesting stored malting barley grain bulks

Prototype equipment for insect noise detection inside a grain bulk equipped with three acoustic probes that were designed in order to be introduced in the grain bulk from the surface up to a depth of 2.5m. The probes are individually connectable to a data logger, itself connected to a classification system. This classification system is designed for automatic identification of either the insect stage (larva or adult) and the insect species or family (weevil, grain borer, and external feeder beetle). The classifier includes a reference database of typical acoustical signature of insect species and stages for the major grain pest species.

The classification software is running on Windows on a PC.

This new system of insect detection at very low level of population density based on acoustic signal capture and processing is an entirely new tool enabling insect infestation monitoring in stored grain bulks.

The development and the validation of feasibility for use of this technology is important for economic reasons:

It will be possible to detect the presence of insect in grain bulks at a very low level of population density, i.e. a long time before this infestation will become a detectable defect at the inspection for commercial purpose. This new tool is allowing an easier management and in most cases the prevention of an insect infestation before it becomes a storage issue of economic importance.

This will promote a change in actual practices of insect control using pesticide applications generating long-time-lasting residues.

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