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Models of the fate and decrease in efficacy of several organophosphate compounds

Several models of the fate and decrease in efficacy of several organophosphate (OP) compounds (post-harvest registered insecticides), were produced (especially dichlorvos for which data were lacking at the beginning of the Project).

There are several issues relating to pesticide application on stored grain. Thus, it is of prime importance that residues do not exceed permitted levels. So, it is necessary to know decay rates so it can be predicted at any time during the storage period, and in dependence to stored grain condition, what is the concentration and the residual efficacy levels of these pesticides.

This result collates work to define residues half-lives and protection periods for the most-widely used pesticide, pyrimiphos-methyl (P-M) and reports experiments on residue and efficacy decline of P-M and dichlorvos at combinations of high and low temperature and high and low moisture, which are the most extreme likely to be experienced under European storage conditions.

Experiments on the decline of P-M residues during pilot-scale malting are also reported.

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Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food - Central Science Laboratory
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