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Guidelines for advanced simulation procedures for fabrication and repair

The innovative aspect of the ELIXIR project was to achieve elimination of intermediate stress relief (ISR) in fabrication welds and a validated repair procedure without PWHT. An integrated approach involving sophisticated computer welding simulation and innovative RS measurement techniques had to be developed to achieve this goal.

The production of Guidelines document on Advanced Simulation Procedures for Fabrication & Repair Welds was seen as a tool to advise the welding engineer to achieve this goal in a straightforward and economic manner. The Guidelines will inform the user of FE software for weld simulation about the best suited code for his specific problem, the material data necessary for the calculations, the proper element types, the importance of boundary conditions, techniques to simulate a moving heat source and last but not least the economical implications of numerical weld simulation. The exchange of experimental and numerical data serves for mutual cross fertilization and favours further developments in both fields.

The availability of the Guidelines to the industrial community will aid dissemination and acceptance of the numerical welding simulation techniques to solve the essential problems of welding mentioned above.

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