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Guidelines for fast repair methodology without PWHT

The principal aim of the project was the elimination of PWHT and ISR from the welding cycle during manufacture or repair welding. The production of Guideline document on Fast Repair Methodology without PWHT was seen as a mechanism to disseminate the findings of the project and advise the wider community on the best practice to achieve these goals.

The Guideline document reviews the problems associated with the removal of PWHT and then proposes the best practices to be adopted to undertake welding without PWHT for the range of materials covered in the Elixir Project. A summary of recommendations is given within the Guideline Document.

The contents of the Guidelines will give welding engineers confidence to undertake repair without PWHT or in more complex cases identify the work needed to ensure a satisfactory repair without PWHT. Any repair done without PWHT will bring commercial benefit to both manufacturer and plant user. Elimination of PWHT from the welding cycle will improve the working conditions of those involved in repair welds.

Those partners involved with the implementation of repair welding will utilise this result in their consultancy and services to industry thus promoting the findings of the Guidelines. The availability of the Guidelines to the industrial community will further aid dissemination and acceptance of the repair welding without PWHT.

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