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Imaging & modelling linked to aid instrumental design specification

In order to understand the performance and potential limitations of a remote detecting gas leak monitor there are a number of design issues that need to be addressed. These are best understood by mathematical modelling and combining a number of key processes together that will lead to a set of performance indicators.

As the principle of the laser pointer leads to a measurement of gas concentration in ppm.m there was a need to understand how such measurements related to the more conventional concentration measuments of just ppm. A basic model of the laser pointer performance was developed in conjunction with Glasgow and AOS. Advantica had, prior to the project, collected a large amount of wind tunnel data on gas leaks emitted at ground level, but had not undertaken very extensive analysis.

Further, within the project Advantica developed spectroscopic instrumentation to collect reflectivities of surfaces, under different environmental conditions and a range of inclinations to the surfaces at the specific wavelength of the laser used in the Vogue instrument. The model was then modified to incorporate the real data from the wind tunnel and reflectivity measurements providing an indication of the expected instrument response under various test conditions.

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