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Package compiled including videos of gas leaks to improve training of operatives

A CD Rom containing a series of training materials has been produced for use in operator training packages and other publications concerning gas leak behaviour. The CD acts as a coherent collection of images of gas leaks collected within the project. It contains sections on gas detection technologies, gas measurement issues, gas plume behaviour, interpretation of measurements and safety issues.

The material includes video images of natural gas leaking from buried pipes, as well as background material and know-how that support the work. The first ever direct images of low-pressure gas leaks will make a major contribution to the understanding of gas leak behaviour over short distance scales. Previous work has relied on the use of smoke as an analogue for natural gas, or the use of dispersion models more suited to larger distance scales.

Thermal images of low-pressure gas leaks were taken by HiG-BMG, using an artificially heated background (thermal imaging requires a temperature contrast between the gas and its background, but for low-pressure leaks the gas is typically in thermal equilibrium with the soil). Advantica selected images of particular relevance to gas distribution training and further identified images suitable for image enhancement. Glasgow University processed these images to give an enhanced view, in which the leaking gas is imaged in red over a greyscale background.

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