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Enhanced false colour images of visualised gas leaks

Images obtained with thermal imaging and other cameras are inherently monochrome in nature such that in the case of imaging a gas cloud it appears in grey-scale superimposed upon a grey-scale image of the background. Such combined images can be difficult to interpret and hence the desire for image processing to enhance the apparent contrast between the image of the gas cloud and its background.

GLA developed a software package that acquires the grey-scale images obtained using the HiG-BMG camera and re-processes them such that the gas cloud can be falsely coloured (e.g. red) to appear against an unchanged grey scale background. The approach requires tight control of the imaging condition and hence is not generally applicable to the field but is extremely useful in preparing images or movie sequences to use as part of a training package.

In itself the package has little commercial value but it does impact upon the commercial value of the resulting training packages that can be made.

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