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Prototype design of laser diode module-Semelab

Objective: To design a version of the module suitable for manufacture.

- Re-design of the basic Package/Peltier Combination. The combined Package/Peltier used by Siemens CT had become obsolete by the time the original design was handed over to Semelab. The whole assembly had therefore to be re-designed using components that were readily available, being careful not to compromise any of the design features, which had already been proven. The combination of package, Peltier, ceramic, and laser mount was designed to ensure that the laser would be on the optical axis of the lens.

- Lens alignment and focussing. A method of aligning and focussing the lens was developed which would be suitable for a production environment. A cylindrical holder was designed to make the lens easier to handle, and a suitable hole bored in the package to give a sliding fit. A vacuum jig was designed to hold the cylinder/lens combination, and a micro-adjustment stage, giving x, y, z and theta was designed and built on an optical breadboard.

- Redesign of the Hybrid Detector The hybrid detector (SMPX190) was redesigned to ascertain whether changes to the method of manufacture could reduce the inherent noise levels. The InGaAs die were assembled on to ceramic headers using a Gold-Tin solder instead of normal Silver epoxy, and Gold ball-bonding was used instead of aluminium wedge-bonding. New tooling jigs were designed for this purpose.

- Test Jigs. Test jigs using Zero-Insertion-Force sockets were designed and manufactured to enable functionality testing of the modules.

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