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Prototype design of hybrid sensor

Objective: To design an optimised InGaAs hybrid detector.

- Optimisation of Gain/Frequency response to suit the requirement. Early prototypes were supplied to the partner at Glasgow University to establish the likely requirements of gain and frequency response. The design was then optimised at Semelab to give the best combination of parameters, whilst ensuring the device remained stable. Ultimately a Transimpedance Gain of 1V/µA with a frequency response of 18kHz was achieved.

- Optimisation of height of die below cap window. The external optics of the VOGUE system requires an acceptance cone angle of 90 degrees into the detector. This means that with a window diameter of 6.3mm, the optimum height for the die below the window is 3.15mm. The choice of window cap height and ceramic spacer was optimised to achieve this condition.

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