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Laser pointer system capable of detecting methane at a concentration of 1000ppm.m at a distance of 10metres

Five Prototype Instruments have been manufactured two by the University of Glasgow and three by Siemens CT. Four of these field units have been delivered to the end users among the partners for field testing. The Glasgow instruments are designed to be the technical reference. The hardware is versatile and can be used for the scanning approach as well. The Siemens instruments are restricted to the pointing application, therefore the instruments are advanced with respect to user friendliness. e.g. compactness, low weight, low power consumption and are thus closer to the final product.

Technically the targeted project goals have been more than accomplished with a detection range of up to 30m, a time resolution of 100ms and a concentration range of a few tens of ppmm to at least 1000ppmm of Methane.

The field tests have been initiated during this project and will continue. The tests will prove the usefulness of this concept for Natural Gas leak detection and provide inputs for the product development. This technology will save money and reduce the risks to human lives as the leak location can be considerably accelerated. Based on a price of around 11000 Euros according to a market study up to 1000 instruments can be sold in Western Europe.

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