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Prototype design of laser diode module-Siemens

Laser modules with fibre output including laser temperature stabilisation are standard for fibre communication applications. Reasonably priced laser modules adapted for the requirement of gas detection are not available on the market.

The design goals for the novel laser module have been to provide a free space laser beam with adjustable beam geometry avoiding the disadvantages for the fibre based solution, incorporate a gas (Methane) reference cell, which enables to lock the laser wavelength to the gas absorption wavelength and to drastically reduce the power consumption for temperature stabilisation of the laser.

The design goals have been realised with a concept based on commercially available sub-components, which keeps costs manageable and facilitates manufacturing. Eight prototype modules have been manufactured and incorporated in the pointer/scanner field units. The modules are fully operative. The design allows to use the modules for all applications, where free space propagation of a laser beam is desired for gas detection. Only the laser diode and the filling of the reference gas cell has to be adapted to the targeted gas species.

The modules have been developed by Siemens CT PS 8. The technology has been transferred to Semelab, who plans to produce the modules in quantities.

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