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New diesel engine combustion process

This result consists of the development of an innovative diesel engine combustion process based on IFP "Pre-existing know-how" and where the internal combustion process takes place in the whole space of the combustion chamber. This can be achieved thanks to an appropriately prepared highly diluted Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI).

With these characteristics, the HCCI combustion process can provide very low level of particulates combined with near zero level of NOx emissions while maintaining the high efficiency of the best state of the art diesel engines. This result is achieved on different single cylinders steady state operation, at the end of the project. The transient behaviour and the HCCI limited zone have been pointed out as further work necessity, during the very last phases of the project.

When fully operational, the HCCI combustion process could be a solution to provide a bright future to the diesel engine as a low CO2 power-train with near zero pollutant emissions.

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