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Experimental methodology to measure spray macroscopic characteristics for real multi-hole nozzles by means of side illumination and digital colour camera

It is well known that it is essential for a clean and efficient combustion in a DI diesel engine to inject the fuel optimal in the combustion chamber. To assess the behaviour of various nozzles it is crucial to be able to characterise these sprays. A proposing technology is the measurement of the spray macroscopic characteristics of the spray by means of optical techniques (photography with digital cameras).

A complete methodology to obtain Diesel sprays macroscopic characteristics for real multi hole nozzles has been developed. Previously developed software for only one spray has been adapted to use in real multi hole nozzles with multi hole configuration (5, 6 or higher number of sprays). Commercial diesel fuel is used, so that measurements can be performed under real engine conditions. The developed methodology considers all the correction and calibration procedures to perform accurate measurements on the basis of the images taken, which have been implemented into a purpose-made software.

The main results obtained from the visualisation are:

- Spray penetration.
- Spray cone angle.
- Air entrainment.
- Hole to hole dispersion.
- Shot to shot dispersion.

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