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Definition of a benchmark 1D soil profile at the CORSSA site

The seismic ground response at CORSSA test-site has been studied theoretically, in order to identify different amplification characteristics of the 1D SH seismic waves propagating from the bedrock to the surface. The analyses performed with the software Cyber Quake, which uses the equivalent linear model to describe the non-linear soil behaviour during ground shaking.

Two sets of analyses have been performed; the first one at the site of OTE building at the centre of the city, close to the Aigion fault and the second, at the experimental site of CORSSA. Preliminary studies have also been performed for liquefaction susceptibility and risk of the CORSSA soil formations.

Potential application of the result:
Definition of the typical "benchmark" 1D soil profile with full description of the dynamic and physical properties of the soil layers: Geo-technical description of the soils, Vs profile, soil densities, G/Go-g-D% curves for all soil layers, liquefaction susceptibility.

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