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A catalogue of earthquakes (location, mechanism) of the area from the CORNET array

The CORNET network consists of 4 digital permanent seismological stations equipped with Lennartz 3D/5sec seismometers. The network consists of a Lennartz 5800 PCM system and operates on trigger mode. All remote stations are telemetric and all seismic signals are transmitted to a central in the Seismological Laboratory. The dynamic range is 120db and the sampling rate is 125 samples per second.

Data are analysed in daily basis and results are presented at the website of the Department of Geophysics of the University of Athens. The CORNET network has been operating during the whole period of the Corseis project and has successfully monitored the earthquakes that occurred in the Gulf of Corinth and its surrounding area. During this period more than 650 earthquakes were recorded by the network. The located crustal seismicity has magnitudes less than 4.5R. The events located in the Gulf of Corinth indicate the most active areas.

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National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Panepistimioupolis, Zografou Zographos
15784 Athens
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