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Maps of the marine terraces

The footwall of the Eliki and Aigion faults is indented by an impressive flight of flat to gently dipping platforms. Mapping of these surfaces was completed on a 1:50000 and 1:5000 scale, using detailed topographic maps, air photos, and field survey. The results are included as a layer in the GIS database. The errors in estimating elevations and positions of surfaces are evaluated as +/-10m. Field surveys helped in the recognition of marine sediments on some of these surfaces and thus we could interpret them as marine terraces, both depositional and erosional.

In the footwall block of the Aigion Fault up to nine terraces can be distinguished and up to 10 marine terraces have been mapped in the footwall block of the Eliki Fault system. Some of the marine sediments collected on these surfaces have been dated (see. e.g. McNeill et al., 2002; Geoarcheology, in press), and more dating in underway.

The present terrace elevations have been tentatively correlated with the eustathic sea-level curve (Lajoie et al., 1991) and the results are included as a layer in the GIS database.

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