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Tectonic activity of the Aigion fault deduced from the study and the deposits crossed by the gamma1 borehole in the Aigion harbour

Description of the task:
- Study of palaeo-environments in the boreholes of the hanging wall of the Aigion fault and in the marine terraces outcrops of the hanging wall using ostracodes, foraminifers, nannoplancton, diatoms, malacofauna, pollens and dinokysts.
- Geological cross section of the marine terraces.
- Dating on shells and vegetal fragments in the cores of the boreholes and in the marine terraces.

Application of the result:
- Estimation of sedimentation rates and of the subsidence rates in the hanging wall formations; of the variability of the rates and interpretation in term of fault activity.
- Estimation of the uplift rates in the footwall of the fault.
- Reconstruction of the past environment in the boreholes since 60ka BP.
- Correlation between boreholes deposits with regressive peaks during the Holocene transgression and between high stand sea level during the general low-level trend of the glacial period.
- Correlation between marine deposits in the boreholes and outcrops of marine terraces.
- Estimation of total offset between marine deposits in the boreholes and outcrops of marine terraces splitting into uplift rates in the footwall and subsidence rate in the hanging wall.

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