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Vertical tectonic motion deduced from the modelling of marine terraces

The areas of each fault footwall where the marine terraces are better preserved (profile B, F, H for the East Eliki, West Eliki and Aigion fault respectively) were selected.

Direct dating was performed on some sediments collected on the footwall of the East Elike fault and more are underway. On the basis of these ages and because of geomorphic considerations, we correlated the prominent terrace sequences with major sea high stands.

This provided a good approximation of long-term cumulative footwall uplift rates over the past 200-300kyr for each fault.

Because these calculated uplift rates include a component of regional tectonic uplift, that, even if is not well constrained in the area of the Corinth Gulf, it is estimated to be of the order of 0.2mm/yr we corrected on this basis the calculated values and our best estimates of the footwall uplift for each fault are:

- East Eliki fault 0.8mm/yr.
- West Eliki fault 1.05mm/yr.
- Aigion fault 0.85-1.0mm/yr.

In general the net footwall uplift rates over the past 200-300kyr is found to be in the order of 1mm/yr for each fault.

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