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GIS data-base

An important part of the work developed by INGV within WorkPackage 8 was the preparation of a GIS database useful for all the specific studies of the WorkPackage. This GIS database was developed on a Mapinfo platform (vers. 6.5 for PC). A html guided tour to the results contained in the database and mostly achieved by INGV was also prepared to make these results available through the internet but not with an interactive GIS interface. However, jpg images containing layers of the Database can be viewed in the html interface. Both the GIS database and the html-guided tour are enclosed in a CD-ROM.

The geographic data concerning the study, forming the background information of the database were derived from the official Greek topographic maps scale 1:50000 and 1:5000 and can be viewed by layers. Digital elevation models were included too, both from SPOT imagery and topographic maps. Geologic, geomorphic and tectonic data where added to the database and updated continuously following the investigation development. The layering of all the data collected through the database provides a unique understanding of the amount of data, on one side, and on the consistency of the observations on the other.

This database is thus a major result of the project but also a unique tool for investigating the tectonic, geologic and geomorphic setting or the area and to study the relationships among different elements. The structure of the database is ready to include also geographic data with attached information from other WP or from other ongoing projects in the Corinth Gulf.

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