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Impact of drag reducing agent on specifications and properties of fuels

Drag Reducing Agent (DRA) additives are used for optimising operations in pipeline transportation, by means mainly of increasing capacity and saving energy. To develop their performance, these additives have to be added to the fuel in some phase of pipeline transportation, so, they will be present in fuels when they are finally supplied to the market and the end users. For the above reason, it is necessary to guarantee that the presence of additives do not interfere in the characteristics or performance of fuels, thus, the two DRA additives included in the project have been evaluated regarding their influence on physicochemical properties of fuels.

This result is a guarantee that, from the technical point of view, fuels containing these additives fulfil requirements specified by European authorities. Besides, this technical guarantee acts as a commercial guarantee as it assures quality maintenance of fuels through value chain to all the companies that participate in different parts of the whole chain. Also, this guarantee is a guarantee for final consumers as the product they are using fits using requirements and expectations.

Overall results of the project allow using polymers for energy saving, which with no doubt represent great benefits to European citizens in terms of economy and quality of life. This result, as it allows evaluation of an essential aspect needed to the safe use of this product, represents a huge contribution to the overall results of the project.

This result has also enabled the establishment of an analysis protocol for this kind of additives. The protocol considers all technical aspects, identifies the most critical properties and focuses on them.

From the point of view of dissemination, the protocol is a whole public result and will be disseminated in a thesis for PhD grade.

From the point of view of using the result, it has already been included in CLH normal activity in product evaluation, so the protocol is fully operational.

From the point of view of the commercialisation of the result, as CLH centro de Ensayos is also an independent laboratory, this protocol will be offered as an external service to third companies, (manufacturers or users of these additives) in case they want to analyse this aspect of additives behaviour.

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