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Impact of drag reducing agent on engine deposits

The objective of the test is to evaluate the performance of drag reducer with respect to piston cleanliness, cylinder wear, oil thickening, general engine cleanliness, deposit control and turbocharger performance in a heavy duty diesel engine running a test cycle consisting of both steady state and cyclic phases.

This test has been run in accordance with the CEC L-52-T-97" Low emission heavy duty diesel" test method.

The motor used is the Mercedes-Benz OM441LA, an 11 litres, V6 heavy-duty diesel engine. The test duration is 400 hours and consists of alternate 50-hour phases of steady state and cyclic speed running.

At the end of the test, a comprehensive evaluation of engine is carried out covering the following parameters:
- Piston cleanliness;
- Deposits / sludge;
- Bore polish;
- Cylinder wear;
- Used oil analysis;
- Oil consumption
- Turbocharger boost pressure loss and deposit rating.

At first, the test was run with a special single source low sulfur diesel fuel (reference test). A second test was run with the same fuel added with a drag reducer with a concentration of 80-ppm volume/volume.

Conclusion: No significant difference of tested parameters compared to the reference test.

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