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Method for shearing drag reducing agent with sonication

Application of ultrasonic energy is a sonochemistry method, able to shear the high molecular weight polymers into a fluid. In the case of Drag Reducing Additives (DRA) used to facilitate fuel transportation, this shearing is necessary to restore the initial properties of the fuel. Although a higher installation cost is involved, compared to mechanical shearing techniques, the ultrasonic shearing of polymers does not need any obstacle to be inserted inside the pipeline.

The transducers can be installed outside the pipeline, and the degree of shearing can be easily modulated at will by varying the electrical current in the transducers. The extensive laboratory experiments, carried out by CSL, have given a detailed knowledge of the ultrasonic processing, as a function of all relevant parameters such as temperature, frequency and mode of application. The needed ultrasonic energy has been quantified for a large range of DRA concentrations in the fuel.

The method could be applied to the shearing of various chemicals for in-line processing. A complete laboratory setup is available at CSL, with computer recording of all parameters.

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