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Database of drag reducing agent effectiveness

This database stores the Experimental Field Tests and includes the data and all the necessary routines to access them through Internet. The database is linked to the database containing laboratory analysis results and is easily accessible to partners.

The Data Scheme has been implemented on a commercial Data Base Management System. Two aspects have been taken into account in the design of the database for AESOP:
- Easiness of future changes and/or additions. The incorporation of data from new tests is an easy task due to the adopted data structure.
- Referential integrity of data, needed to assure the consistency of information.

The database is composed of several tables corresponding to the several tests that have been carried out. The database includes the fuel performance tests and experimental fuel tests.

The CLH data tables include information about tests carried out by CLH in several pipelines. The tables contain information about the pipeline when different DRA concentration is used and although the base line without DRA in order to compare results. Three main properties are calculated and stored:
- Friction Reduction (FR);
- Flow Improvement (FI);
- Power Reduction (PR).

The tests have been performed by CLH in their following pipelines:
- AGRO: Algeciras - Rota;
- ADPO: Adamuz - Poblete;
- HUCRSE: Huelva - Coria del Río - Sevilla;
- MALE: Mafumet - Lérida;
- SOMI: Somorrostro - Miranda.

The products that have been pumped are Gas oil (GOA) and Gasoline (GNA). There are also a few tests with Jet Aviation (JA1) although they are not representative.

TRAPIL tables include the same information as CLH’s ones. The tests have been performed by TRAPIL in two pipelines: VAL-CLA and CLA-TCE, and only for Gas oil (GOA).

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