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Torrent hazard control - Progress in modelling of debris flow initiation

Modelling works were performed and were related to several initiation processes in the identified source areas in the Arbonne catchment were carried out.

The software FLAC (Itasca) was used for this purpose. Several potential initiation zones were selected and modelling works were carried out, considering the following scenarios:
- Modelling of modifications of geotechnical characteristics of materials (shear strength);

- Modelling of the influence of the rising of a water table;

- Modelling of the lowering of an infiltration front;

- Modelling of erosive processes at the toe of a slope.

When conditions for an initiation process are present, the displacement vectors, as well as the development of plasticity indicators account for the mechanism of progressive deformation and localisation of deformations along a particular zone or surface.

Scenarios of debris flow initiation processes can then be identified by reference to climatic triggering events.

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