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Characterization of man-caused alterations of the environment

The analysis of the most important impacts related to man activity and resulting in some alteration of the environment responsible for torrential activity modifications, was carried out and can be summarized as follows:

A first category of general impacts is related to modifications of the water balance in the catchment or sub-catchment : run-off, infiltration, evapo-transpiration.

A second category of general impacts is related to modifications of slope stability conditions.

Different elementary impacts can be listed:
- Impacts resulting from engineering works by forestry agencies;
- Impacts resulting from works related to land farming;
- Impacts resulting from road constructions;
- Impacts resulting from the rerouting and concentrating of drainage water;
- Impacts resulting from the building of winter sport resorts, with the associated (excavations and fill placements which modify the local slope stability conditions, impermeable surfaces: roads, roofs, car parks, tennis courts, usually leaking water mains or sewer lines, deforestation and compaction of superficial soils on the upper slopes for ski practice).

The example of La Ravoire de Bourg-Saint-Maurice and the construction of the Arcs winter sport resort was analysed by reference to these impacts.

Conclusions can be drawn bu end-users about land management and prevention measures.

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