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Collection of field-data (hydrographs, seismographs, rainfalls) regarding debris flows

Collection of field data regarding debris flows is important for several scientific and practical purposes. However, debris flows generally occur with a frequency high enough to create serious hazards to human settlements, but too low for a convenient monitoring activity capable of providing enough data in a sufficiently short time.

Moreover it is also difficult to locate mountain torrents where monitoring equipment may be easily and safely installed. In 1984 a small creek was located in the Eastern Italian Alps (the Moscardo Torrent) that presented both an easy accessibility and a very high debris flows occurrence. This catchment was thus chosen for the installation of a debris flow monitoring system for the collection of field-data (hydrographs, seismographs, rainfalls) useful for the entire scientific community and for the understanding of the phenomenon.

Within the THARMIT project the monitoring system has been renewed and has collected three years of field data.

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