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Debris flow database of the Veneto region and, partially, of Trentino and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions for scientific community and end-users

One of the main aspects in slope instability and debris-flow research is the capability to store, manipulate and analyse spatial and temporal data. In this connection and with respect to the application of new data collection technologies, computer tools should be considered necessary to guarantee effective linkages between data and models; but, despite encouraging progresses in computer technologies applications, the great potential of these tools is largely untested.

Moreover, an increasing demand exists for a more and more easy access to natural phenomena data, as they can be used both to investigate their temporal pattern (time series analysis) and to consider their spatial pattern in terms of regional hazard assessment.

The primary task is then to use temporal and spatial inventories of debris flow events and related information for the elaboration of hazard and risk models and for the analysis of events time series in relation to triggering factors.

The original aim of the database is to collect data mainly concerning:
- Type of natural hazard;

- Topographic, geological and geomorphological maps of catchments and deposition areas;

- History and chronology of events;

- Predisposition and triggering factors description;

- Physical, mechanical and hydrogeological characteristics of soils and rocks;

- Event magnitude and frequency;

- Characteristics and data of the existing observation stations;

- Available results of tests on samples for the estimate of physical, mechanical and rheological parameters.

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