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Implementation of the Acquabona (Cortina d'Ampezzo) monitoring and observation station of debris flow events

Measurements of debris flows characteristics and collection of field data related to them are very important for many theoretical and practical purposes Several are the debris flows parameters that have been measured by researchers and technicians.

Among the most commonly monitored quantities there are mean flow velocity (U), surface velocity (us), peak flow height (hp), flow height as a function of time, h(t)), peak discharge (Qp), mean discharge as a function of time Q(t)), triggering rainfalls (Tr), ground vibrations (Gv), total volume (V), specific weight or density (f(×) or f(â)) and impact force (If).

The monitoring systems are equipped with gauges and sensors for measuring parameters. Video cameras record images of debris flows. The systems are completely automated, remotely controlled and consists of on-site and off-site supervision station.

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