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Guidelines and instructions to run probability model for torrent debris flows (PROMOTOR-df) using the Internet

Within the scope of the Tharmit project, guidelines were prepared for GIS-based modelling of torrent hazard prediction to facilitate successful application by end-users. Especially for GIS-based modelling, Internet availability is essential.

Both the GIS-based model for hazard assessment at catchment scale indicated as Probability Model for Torrent Debris Flows (PROMOTOR-df) and the software developed are described under separate Results. The end-user operates PROMOTOR-df from an interface showing several sheets for manipulating input data en displaying the different types of output. Several map and table options are available. For all items, default values are given, but end-user specified values could be introduced in all cases to match catchment-specific conditions.

Comprehensive interactive guidelines for end-users of the Probability Model for Torrent Debris Flows (PROMOTOR-df) are developed, which can be reached and operated from a special PROMOTOR-df website. This site also allows direct access to all needed software, PCRaster included.

The guidelines include introductory chapters, describing theoretical issues and delimiting the application fields of the model. These chapters are followed by an extensive demonstration, giving examples of how to use the model, its interface, how to display and interpret results. A further chapter leads the end-user through the running of the model using own data. Finally, several appendices supply background information and background data.

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