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Urban green space - Planning methodology

The BUGS project is meant to provide cities with a tool for local measuring of the environmental impact of different urban planning strategies, which focus on the developing of a balance between a green and a compact city. As a basis for the testing, we have developed an urban planning methodology based on the compact city + local centre strategy, supplemented with guidelines for urban greening focused on this concept. The method is built on indicators and scenarios, thus not providing general solutions, but a tool suitable for local testing and debate. GIS is a core element of the method, representing digitised data on a geographical map.

The method leads to the identification of areas suitable for increased urban density or increased urban greening. Thus, the final process should go through the following steps:
1. Registering of existing conditions.

2. Identification of potential areas for increased density including use of density indicators.

3. Identification of potential areas for increased urban greening including use of indicators.

4. Creating scenarios of future conditions.

5. Tests and evaluation of consequences and impact.

6. Selecting scenarios of new density and new green structure for discussion - including consequences (physical density, population and employment density, passenger and customer potential, accessibility to green areas, quality of green areas, social well-being and environment).

Steps 1-4 are carried through in this methodology. Steps 5 and 6 are described in the Methodology, but will be implemented only in the common case study of Ruhr in collaboration with the partners.

The study of this work package will provide tools to implement and test the concept of the compact city - supplemented with increased density around local centres and public transport nodes - in practice.

The study of this work package will provide tools to enhance greening specifically in a compact city, i.e. in a city with a limited extent of open space.

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