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Assessing local complementary of urban leadership and community involvement across Europe and beyond: Case study analysis

This result is composed of nine case study reports and will facilitate the comparison of countries and cities.

Each case study report includes:
- A description of structure and context (including specific information on the policies and initiatives being pursued in the case study city in the areas of economic competitiveness and social inclusion),

- Data gathering on the quality of life and approach to governance,

- A performance analysis of the local governance system.

Each report will be disseminated to the local authority concerned and key findings outlined in press releases co-written by the local partners.

In view of the sensitive nature of the performance assessment covered in each case study, the key user group for each case study report is anticipated to be the leader and local authority being investigated, who are expected to react and/or act upon the assessment carried out. To ensure maximisation of result findings, it is anticipated that country reports will be eventually released to the general public as each case study report brings new knowledge on leadership and community participation to the fore.

Empirical data gathering and country case study analysis are expected to be completed by November 2003.

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