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Statistical entropy analysis

The result is a software tool for the implementation of the Statistical Entropy Analysis calculation. This calculation starts from the Material Flow Analysis and no software with these characteristics are available in the market.

The needed software, developed in ORMA project, should perform four basic tasks:
- Graphical user interface for process building and data input

- Compilation, maintenance and integrity checking of process, substances and elemental relational database

- MFA, closure of mass balance of process and verification

- SEA calculation for at process and project (or system) level

This software will calculate and optimise the product flow in the system EIP, in the aim of the minimisation of his entropy. The development of this tool is still at the first level and, for the moment it is applicable only at the ORMA EIP, but we think that it will be very important and useful for any market sector. The goal is to make real the potential versatility of this new instrument.

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