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Integrated energy system

The development of the Integrated Energy System in the ORMA project has resulted in a hybrid system with high integration, on which the complementarity of the resources shows the possibility to provide the structures with high energy absorption only with renewable energies sources.

This system is a fore front window for the most new technologies and for the possible developments of the energy self-production in parallel with the network.

Many industries in Europe are discovering the benefits of self-production of energy, cause this way they can provide both the electric and the thermal energy they need in their processes with simple CHP plant, that can be fed with renewable energy sources.

The final purpose of the Integrated Energy System is to establish a procedure good for the design of the energetic system of any industrial settlement, considering a big elements number.

For every specific user and for every site (of which it’s possible to determine the availability of resources) it has carried out a study that will show the best arrangement between environmental impact and economic factors.

The work carried out aims especially to provide a theory base about the conception of an industrial hybrid plant, that representing a cultural platform for the designer of the final plants.

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